Mian Situ's "Balloon Man in San Francisco, California, 1904."

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Mian Situ. Balloon Man in San Francisco, California, 1904. Oil on Canvas, 38 x 32 inches.

Mian Situ is an impressionistic painter, from southern California. He has a knack for capturing the livelihood of people going about their daily lives in precise detail. His area of interest is in highlighting the essence of small farming villages and cross-cultural communities, inspired by his upbringing in the rural countryside of southern China. He is exceptionally talented at breathing life into not only his objects but also capturing history on canvas, as indicated by his portrayal of the cross-cultural interaction above.

Here's a brief interview of Mian on CD Savoia. Learn more about him at MianSitu.net or sign up for a class with him at Situ Art Academy.

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