Global Arts group Exhibition, by StudioYU

EVENT: March 2 - April 2, 2017

Indulge your senses and join us for an international art exhibition, live artists’ demos, special sale of artwork directly from the artists, raffles/giveaways, live music, brick oven pizza, and plenty of award-winning wines, while surrounded by fun and friendly company. From Latin American to Chinese American, and everything in between, we are celebrating cross-cultural experiences through art, painted by citizens of the world. In this premier event, StudioYU and Hopewell Valley Vineyards have teamed up to bring together artists who would otherwise never meet, and they have opened up their studio to the general public as they paint on site in this 75-acre vineyard in the heart of New Jersey.

Each featured artist provides a distinctly unique commentary that feeds into the broader vision and international experience of Studio YU. DeFelice (left) captures her experiences of extensive world travel on canvas with a desire to transcend traditional ethnic identities. Bensliman (2nd from the left), a Tunisian social artist and designer, expresses her cultural roots through recycled materials and doodles. Ramos (2nd from the right) communicates ideas and emotions through daring colors reminiscent of Latin America. J. Yu (right), StudioYU’s founder, beautifully intermingles east and west cultures within pieces that merge Asian brush techniques with western mediums.

Studio YU was founded in 2015 with a dream of existing in a more collaborative, interactive, and culturally-diverse art world. Through an online platform that selects noteworthy, yet multitalented international artists, the organization works to enable these artists to collaborate without borders and reach a wider community of art-lovers and art-seekers. Be a part of the cross-cultural experience this March and support Studio YU’s vision for building international, social, and cultural awareness in the arts.

There will be an opening reception on March 2, 6-9 pm at Hopewell Valley Vineyard on 46 Yard Rd. in Pennington, NJ. All are welcome to attend this public event. This exhibition provides an experience like no other, in which influence is drawn from a spectrum of geographic locations ranging from Hong Kong to Ecuador. Mark your calendar today!

This platform is FREE for artists and is supported via proceeds from the founder's art sales and private donations. is a registered not-for-profit organization (EIN: 47-3756172) that does not engage in the sale of original artwork. Please contact artists directly.