OUR STORY: From the founder and Advisory Board.


Studio YU was born out of the idea that the arts build communities and play a critical role in building a healthy society, enabling cross-cultural understanding, and improving the overall quality of life. In an effort to further expand on this idea, we exist to 1) provide an alternative channel for the arts to be valued in spite of all the budget cuts to art programs, and 2) offer another platform for underrepresented artists to showcase their work while they are alive.

Our artists are multitalented, entrepreneurial, and may not appear to be artistic at first glance. Some are renowned in their specialization, some prefer to remain hidden gems. What we have in common is a desire to advance the U.N.'s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) align through our work, driven to create for a cause and better the world we live in.

StudioYU has survived through the generosity of ordinary people who make the conscious decision to contribute to the arts. We are not funded through endowments, nor angel investors, nor government support, but by ordinary people who share our enthusiasm for applying creativity in service to the community and value the concept of giving back. We do not engage in the sale of original artwork - so there are no intermediaries involved. Our hope is that people can reach out to our artists, the living source, for works of art.

When we first launched in 2015, we offered a set of collectible art cards to every one of our donors as a token of our appreciation (and we still do!). Within a month after our soft launch, we managed to break even and have grown at a steady pace ever since. Our supporters today have become great friends and allies in our mission to build awareness for a more sustainable and culturally diverse future. So, please join us and help the world connect through the arts in its various mediums, and build awareness for a better society.

With love and gratitude,

StudioYU's contributing artists and advisory board

Written: 2015-11-4

Updated: 2020-11-30

This platform is FREE for artists and is supported via proceeds from the founder's art sales and private donations. StudioYU.org is a registered not-for-profit organization (EIN: 47-3756172) that does not engage in the sale of original artwork. Please contact artists directly.

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